Company overview

Efiko Naija is an Education Technology (Edtech) and Psychometric/Aptitude Test startup company based in Nigeria’s largest mega city, Lagos state.

Working dynamically, we focus on providing top notch educational and career related services in Nigerians to Nigerians and the global community.

We seek to empower students/graduates/job seekers with requisite skills relevant to the digital economy, using technology and modernistic learning practices to make their dreams come true.

Efiko Naija administers one of the world’s most robust and sought after Psychometric/LMS/Aptitude web-based Aptitude test software to diverse audiences ranging from fresh graduate to experience professionals and other key professionals in their chosen field of expertise.

We believe squarely that ideas rule the world and can change attitudes, transform lives and create a better society.

Our subscribers and customers will be supported through our certified consultants and in-house advisors in their academic, intending career and career pursuit to attain and become the best.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the educational, career and self-fulfillment needs of students/graduates/professionals in Nigeria and around the world; to create a platform that will help them achieve their dreams, the easy way.

Our Mission

  • We will provide global access to education through technology.
  • Through our interactive and engaging approach, will help our clients and subscribers acquire the skills and technical know-how relevant in the 21st
  • To develop the enterprise capacity of our customers to excel in live and career
  • We will build a network of the intellectuals and business leaders who will be provide personal coaching and mentorship to our subscribers both real time and offline at Efiko Naija events around the world.
  • We will provide easy access to opportunities and resources that will help our clients and subscribers excel in their career path.

Who we serve

  • Students seeking admissions
  • Graduates
  • C level Executives
  • Job Applicants
  • HR Professionals
  • Organizations conducting entrance tests/examinations in Nigeria and across the globe

How we work